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Fila BrazilliaFila Brazillia is the electronica collaboration of Steve Cobby and David McSherry from Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire in North-East England. They play electronica, ambient, techno, rock, funk and dub, though the music is often described by others as ‘Downtempo’.

Formed in 1990 their early releases on Pork Recordings (also based in Hull), Old Codes New Chaos, Maim That Tune, Mess, Black Market Gardening, Luck Be a Weirdo Tonight and Power Clown soon followed. Later, after creating their own music label with Sim Lister (Twentythree Records) in 1999, they released further albums A Touch Of Cloth, Jump Leads, The Life And Times Of Phoebus Brumal, Dicks and Retrospective.

Note* The Fila Brazillia back-catalogue also moved to Twentythree Records.

They also released a DJ mix album for the Azuli Records Another Late Night series, Another Late Night: Fila Brazillia in 2001 and Another Fine Mess : Fila Brazillia in 2002. Their collaborations include working with Harold Budd and Bill Nelson to release Three White Roses & A Budd. Cobby and McSherry have produced more than 70 remixes for artists including Black Uhuru, Busta Rhymes, DJ Food, Lamb, Radiohead and The Orb.

In May 2005 at the Brighton Festival, Steve Cobby was one of the friends and collaborators who joined the American composer and recording artist Harold Budd onstage for his farewell concert.

Fila Brazillia music has made its mark both on small-screen blockbusters (such as CSI Miami and Sex and the City) and cult cinema films such as Dogtown and Z-Boys, Riding Giants and Once in a Lifetime (documentary), a 2006 documentary about the New York Cosmos soccer team.

After releasing their “Retrospective” album in 2006, Cobby and McSherry quietly placed Fila Brazillia on gardening leave. Currently, McSherry is a lecturer in Audio Production at the University of Lincoln. Cobby went on in late 2006 to form Steel Tiger Records with Sim Lister. Since 2006 the label has produced various digital and CD releases by J*S*T*A*R*S, Peacecorps, The Cutler (with Pork), Chieftain, and Hey,Rube! (with Mal Mallinder).


2014 saw the 20th anniversary of the release of Old Codes – New Chaos, the first album from Fila Brazillia (on Pork Recordings), to celebrate the occasion the old tapes were cleaned and spruced-up… The album was re-released in July and the original version discontinued. 2014 also saw the release of Steve Cobby’s critically acclaimed album Saudade, which you can buy on Bandcamp.

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