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Fila Brazillia Versus A Certain Ratio

Label: Twentythree Records. Cat Nos. Maxi – TCDS 19. 12″ – T019. Format: Maxi/12″. Country: UK. Artwork: The Designers Republic. Release Date: 22 April 2003. Track listing: 1) Starlight (Mixed By Fila Brazillia), Vocals Denise Johnson. 2) Wild Party (Fila Brazillia Remix), Vocals Denise Johnson. 3) I’m A Very Busy Man (Mixed By Fila Brazillia).

Saucy Joints (Fila Brazillia plus Djini Brown)

Label: Twentythree Records. Cat Nos. Maxi – TCDS 17. 12″ – T017. Format: Maxi/12″/Download. Country: UK. Artwork: The Designers Republic. Release Dates: Maxi – 15 October 2002. 12″ – 01 August 2002. Track listing: A1) Dipper – 05:57. A2) Lifesavers – 04:32. B1) Momma – 04:46. B2) Concorde – 05:43.

Spill The Beans

Label: Twentythree Records. Cat No. T011. Format: 12″/Download. Country: UK. Artwork: David McSherry. Release Date: 01 August 2001. Track listing: A1) Spill The Beans/album version – 04:26. A2) Spill The Beans (Richard Dorfmeister Flyin Dub Mix) – 06:51. B) Motown Coppers/album version – 04:41.

In 2009 ‘Motown Coppers’ was chosen by Nokia to promote their N97 phone. See the advert on YouTube, visit the Motown Coppers micropage.

Another Late Night (UK)

Another Late Night

“We wanted to make the music the sole focus,” offers the amiable Cobby. “Admittedly, it was a kind of purist, almost Stalinist approach, but it’s not that we were ever wilfully reclusive. A lot of people had us down as Syd Barrett or something, but we never wanted to force our ideas down people’s throats, ’cause there’s a subtle approach to the music…. It’s important for us to remember those tapes we did for our friends when we were growing up, that attitude, just that beautiful variety. Real people at home have got collections with lots of different things, but DJ culture suggests that everybody should be a specialist. I just find that turgid. I want to be excited and surprised and mystified by a DJ!”

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Label: Azuli Records. Cat Nos. CD – ALNCD01. LP – ALNLP01. Format: CD/LP x 3/Compilation. Country: UK. Release Date: 2001


“Brazilification [Remixes 95-99] (2 CDs, 3 lps – released 2000), a double CD showcasing some of Fila Brazillia’s best remixes. Truly excellent CD, chilled out to perfection most of the time. Worth getting if only for the fabulous remixes of Radiohead and Moloko.”

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Label: Kudos. Cat Nos. CD – KUDCD 013. LP – KUDLP 013. Format: CD x 2/LP x 3/Download. Country: UK. Artwork: Photographs: Deirdre O’Callaghan. Release Date: 31 December 1999.

A Touch Of Cloth

“Not only do I think that this is Fila Brazillia’s best album, it is also one of the best albums that I have ever heard. I don’t think there is a bad track on it and it is completely different to anything else you will listen to. It effortlessly blends electronica to other genres like folk, jazz and funk music. Like all of the best albums it takes a few listens to get the most out of it, but it is album that I still listen to regularly even though its a good 5 years old. Highly recommended.”

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Label: Twentythree Records. Cat Nos. CD – T001. LP – TT007LP. Format: CD/LP x 3/Download.Country: UK. Artwork: Stained-glass: Neil McFarland. Design: David McSherry. Release Date: 01 November 1999

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