Jump Leads

“Considered a pre-cursor to the downbeat and trip hop movement, Fila Brazillia have explored the relationship between organic instrumentation and electronic sensibility throughout the 90′s arriving logically at Jump Leads. As pioneers of a post-punk northern England musicality, their journey has been defined simply by their musical insight rather than genre specification. Dub rhythms, house beats, drum n’ bass syncopation, ambient chords, and funk arrangements have all found their way into Fila’s sound without falling into the clichéd territory of ‘eclecticism’.”

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Label: Twentythree Records. Cat Nos. CD – T010. LP – TT010LP. Format: CD/LP x 3/Download. Country: UK. Artwork: Photograph: LEF. Design: David McSherry. Release Date: 05 March 2002

Because of it’s popularity DNA from the album Jump Leads has it’s own micropage.

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