Old Codes – New Chaos : 20th Anniversary remaster

“Released in 1994, “Old Codes New Chaos” was the first album of British electronic folk duo Fila Brazillia. Steve Cobby and David McSherry brought together electronica, ambient, techno, rock and funk in a way that had almost never been heard before, and as such, can be considered the grandfather’s of downtempo in Great Britain. 20 years later, we have the release of the “20th Anniversary Edition”, containing the 12 tracks from the original album and adding 4 new ones.”

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Label: Twentythree Records Cat No. n/a. Format: Download. Country: UK. Artwork: Watercolour, Catherine Brennand RI. Layout: David McSherry/Mule. Release Date: July 2014. 24 bit remaster + 4 bonus tracks and continuous mix.

Originally released on Twentythree Records Cat Nos. CD – T004. LP – TT004LP and on Pork Recordings (PORK 014).

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