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Old Codes – New Chaos

album sleeve

“Buried Treasure… The one that got away. There can be little doubt that this is one of the best dance music albums ever made. Released in 1994, the debut album from Fila Brazillia was launched into a world before big beat and trip hop took hold, but after the first flush of Orb and ELF-inspired ambient. Coming after the initial chunky Leftfield-style house of the first Pork releases, but before the spliff took hold and Pork got stuck into their current down ‘n’ easy groove we now all love so well, this album is truly unique….”

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Label: Twentythree Records. Cat Nos. CD – T004. LP – TT004LP. Originally released on Pork Recordings (PORK 014). Format: CD/LP x 3/Download. Country: UK. Artwork: Watercolour, Catherine Brennand RI. Layout: David McSherry/Mule. Release Date: August 1994. Discontinued 2014.