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Maim That Tune

“Only a handful of people are really aware of the existence of Fila Brazillia. Only their friends know what they look like. But that’s no excuse for ignoring this album. Don’t miss out on their quirky confectionary of reprocessed audio-etchings any longer than you have to. Going unrecognised has induced Fila to set their sights on becoming the terrorists of downtempo. Continually refusing to pander to mainstream diktat, the Brazillia boys have inoculated themselves against the music industry bullshit syndrome with some Do It Yourself vaccinations. They assault people’s musical sensibilities with a full-scale musical bastardisation. Which is the most likely the reason why they’ve been condemned to the outer reaches of their genre….”

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Label: Twentythree Records. Cat No. T005. Originally released on Pork Recordings (PORK 027). Format: CD/Download. Country: UK. Artwork – Photograph: Michael Banks. Design: Mule. Release Date: 13 June 1995

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