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Three White Roses & A Budd

2011 – Scoundrel / Discogs “Fila Brazillia teams up with the ambient piano of Harold Budd and the New Wave art rock of Bill Nelson on the THREE WHITE ROSES & A BUDD EP. The opening track, “No Shade, No Shadow,” has the drifting, sad quality that one would expect of Harold Budd, and as it loops over the length of the track, the other contributors overlay it with ominous electronics. “Adrift Amidst Les Odalisques” has a much dreamier feel to it, like sunlight dappling through leaves, and the Fila boys lay a gentle groove on top. Bill Nelson’s guitar comes to the fore on “The Airless Time,” like a howl of pain, with Budd’s piano following beside. “Blue Locus,” the final track, is almost a reflection of the opening track, but one that opens up into sparkles. Beguiling, and a fascination diversion for the Fila boys.”

Label: Twentythree Records. Cat No. T016. Format: Maxi. Country: UK. Artwork: David McSherry. Release Date: 27 August 2002.

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