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Label: Twentythree Records. Originally released on Pork Recordings (PORK 017). Format: 12″/Download. Country: UK. Artwork: Mule. Release Date: October 1994. Track listing: A) Slacker – 11:10. B1) Leggy – 06:40. B2) Subtle Body – 09:04.

1994 – DJ Magazine Most jazzy hip hop-esque records consist of a couple of cheesy jazz chords and a funk bass, little real thought goes in, so they pass you by unnoticed. Pork material is always quirky and surprising, quite brilliant. Some of the bass and atmospherics on ‘Leggy’ remind of Andrew Weatherall’s dubby style, though overall it suits the acid jazz genre more. Throbbing, then funky, with extremely clever editing, and that delicate brass sample makes it. Feather in the cap stuff.

1994 – The Wire Slacker is a slow winding coil of harmonium synths, a barely beating pulse rate of near-death ambience, while the second B-side track, “Subtle Body”, is barely there at all, the merest, most delicate flatline tremor of piano. Austere and intimate solipsism from an underrated group.