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“It’s not traditional FB sounds either. There are no beats, no bass, in fact – no rhythm section to speak of. This is pure ambient music – bloops and bleeps, with the odd sampled strain of music to bring you back to some familiar ground. However, that’s all it is – for 50 minutes. On the plus side, however, it’s lovely, unobtrusive background music – you know it’s there, but you’re not completely aware of it. It adds to, rather than creates an atmosphere”

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Label: Twentythree Records. Cat No. TO12. Format: Maxi. Country: UK. Artwork: David McSherry. Release Date: 08 April 2001

Recorded 3rd November 2000. The ‘concept’ behind the show was to create a piece using 4 DJ CD players, a DAT tape and 2 mixers. The CD’s were prepared beforehand and consisted of various random sequences. The 2 sets were unrehearsed and resulted in these two ‘beatless’ 20+ minute pieces. Submariners, astronauts and bee keepers should love it.